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Yes folks he really did say that the Taliban is not the enemy of the US. KGS

NOTE: Make sure to read Barry Rubin’s latest about Biden: Biden Makes It Seem As If You Can Only Be an Enemy of U.S. Interests If You Attack the World Trade Center

The Obama Administration has consistently underestimated the growth and spread of Islamism.  No, let me go further: It basically claims that the phenomenon doesn’t exist at all.  Worse still, like someone faced with fire who pours gasoline on everything in its path, the Obama Administration is doing things that worsen the situation by backing radical Islamists and systematically failing to support their intended victims.

To be fair to Biden, however, it is understandable that he must downplay the Taliban threat in this case because he is justifying the coming U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. Yet what he says is far more revealing in a damaging way than the superficial criticism—Biden says Taliban is not our enemy—misses.

Jake Tapper Asks WH About Joe Biden’s ‘Taliban is Not Our Enemy’ Comments

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  1. From Obama’s point of view, probably he reason he picked Biden, is Biden’s very bubbling. What an insurance policy.

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