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Ann Coulter gets it on many levels, but she has a “hate on” (as Mark Levin calls it) for Newt Gingrich. She’s a Chris Christie fan, I get that, but supporters of Newt Gingrich, or of any other candidate that’s willing to take the fight to the Democrats, are in no way representative of the mindset she writes about in her books, to say so is just plain stupid.

Coulter is just undermining her credibility as a political commentator by promoting such a fallacious assertion, which is a big shame. At this present time in history, the Republicans need a person whose spine isn’t made from milk toast and who is willing to take on a real formidable opposition, it’s going to be real brutal.

Backing an establishment Republican who just wants to focus on the economy and then play nicey nicey with  the Democrats who have voted in legislation that radically changes the United States into something never intended by the Framers of the Constitution, is pure tomfoolery. That is what will happen with a Romney presidency, if he even gets elected that is.   KGS

NOTE: Establishment, beltway republicans are mush mouths, they’re not true conservatives, only a real conservative stands a chance at beating the Marxist, people do not want mush, they want a candidate that is able to spell out his/her positions, and then aggressively work to implement them. Undoing the disastrous Obama years is going to take a tough, rumble and tumble candidate, and sadly Coulter is backing someone who is not up to the challenge, while smearing those who back someone that’s the nearest thing to a conservative.

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  1. I for one am also tired of the country club and checkerd pants Republicans, who IMHO care more about ‘deals behind closed doors , holding onto their seat of office, rather then truly representing the people and passing legislation to benefit us. They have lost their mojo.

  2. They are on the way to being replaced by the Tea Party. Do they know it yet? The populace will never forgive them if they give Obama a second term.

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