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An interesting post by Anna-Leena Nieminen in a blog post at the Uusisuomi (New Finland) online news magazine. Thanks to Vasarahammer for pointing this one out, it hits on a point that the Tundra Tabloids has been hammering on time and again, that the Left are as arrogant, as they are intolerant and stupid.

They (the Left) are the merchants of divide and rule, of balkanization, and of hate, and for the destruction of the way of life many people hold dear, meaning their own traditional culture and core values. They hold us all in contempt, and if they had the chance, would cast us all permanently into the dark place where all totalitarian ideologies lead.

To simply disagree with the intelligentsia, is to hold them and their supposed “lofty ideals” in contempt, we must have a mental illness and the only solution is to punish us with fines, imprisonment or worse. The Jussi Jalonen’s of Finland and of Europe (the nihilistic Left) are a sorry misguided lot, in short, they’re arrogant a-holes who seek to intimidate, control, and to destroy everything that they disagree with as all statists do. KGS

Post Modern Finland

There are a lot of things in Finland that are not called by their real names, nor are essential matter talked about, and the political climate is like standing water. In other words, the truth is hidden and real freedom of speech does not exist. This climate of tension also leads to an increase of prohibitions, rules, regulations and taxes.

This is reflected inmost of the media, with government (policy makers) and with the so-called intellegentsia / ‘tolerantgentsia’ (such as university researchers, professors, civil servants), in a mutual relationship, which are of questionable close proximity.

The truth is that universities are very leftist orientated / socially orientated places breeding and promoting intolerance.

One example of where things are dressed in a so-called good, “civilized” and tolerant robe, was in a recent A-studio program dealing with hate speech.

During the program, both journalist and interviewee, researcher and war historian, Jussi Jalonen, seemed to have a joint understanding. They both condemned in unison “hate speech”, and downplayed Jussi Halla-Aho.

In fact, the researcher Jussi Jalonen wanted to ban other people’s views and opinions, and / or without realizing that the Finnish researcher himself was being intolerant.

Jalonen said during the program, for example:

“Pamela Geller … she is a little … well, this is not nice to say. She is a bit of an alcoholic woman, who has far too much time and money on her hands to use for such outbursts of anger.”

Amazingly, though revealing, that the so-called, person who’s positioned as a civil intellectual, himself speaks so contemptuously and dismissively of another human being, and at the same time criticizes and accuses other people of hate speech.

This program was, therefore a product of YLE’s or the state’s propaganda. But Uusi Suomi (Finnish online news magazine) which advertises itself as an independent medium, has regularly promoted researcher Jalonen’s blog posts to the main page, even a blog post, “The Reckoning,” which Jalonen quoted directly from news releases and didn’t write a word himself, except the title, which tells a lot about where Jalonen is coming from. In the comment department, Jalonen despised James Hirvisaari’s views.

It would be interesting to know what the UusiSuomi editorial department thinks about Jalonen’s criticisms of Pamela Geller. UusiSuomi has come out in favor of women’s rights, that is, officially, but as I suspected in an earlier blogpost of mine, the appreciation of women is illusory / distorted .

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  1. Absolutely hilarious that a twirp like Jalonen has the gall to disparage a person of the calibre of Pamela Geller.

    Not just hilarious but just plain stupid as well.

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