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So lets get this straight. If those Norwegians (or others in Europe) who are worried about the dual problem of mass immigration and islamization, dare raise their voices to object, they’re immediately labeled “racists” and relegated to the outer darkness where the sounds of wailing and the gnashing of teeth are heard. If you belong to the main party however, that promotes the multicultural project, you’re just a voice offering a valid concern.

That’s multiculturalism and socialist/statist group politics for you, they are the ones who decide the winners and the losers in society. What’s amazing is that they’re shocked and surprised when people perform to the model they promote, and then seek to limit their successes.

The concept of the rights of the individual has been under assault for decades in the West, and now more so then ever before. We live in an age where everything revolves around “group rights”, and it’s all due to the statists and their multicultural agenda of control. Now you  see a major Leftist party in Norway openly wanting to revoke the favoritism it once shown to its favorite constituency, the immigrant group. Interesting isn’t it? KGS

NOTE: You see folks, Leftists are always interested in race and in differences, they dividethe public up into their special groups in order to pit one against the other, all the while they disingenuously promote “social cohesion”. It’s all a ruse.

Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre: It’s not racism when we do it, openly discriminate and lock people into subgroups.

Labour Party looks to slash Oslo immigrant dominance

Published: 16 Dec 2011 05:22 GMT+1

Leading Labour Party politicians in Oslo believe voters have too much influence in the city and are calling for changes to the country’s election laws after immigrant candidates snagged eleven of the party’s 20 seats on the City Council.

Among those backing legislative change is Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre, who sits on the board of a local Labour committee that wants parties to be able to present voters with a list of 15 hand-picked candidates.

In accordance with current rules, the party populated its list with ten names in this autumn’s city elections

This left voters with plenty of scope to select their own preferred candidates, enabling seven politicians with immigrant backgrounds to sail into winning positions after managing to secure enough personal votes for a seat.

“We’ve now got three representatives from Somalia and Somaliland. That’s in excess of what one might expect,” party veteran Rune Gerhardsen told newspaper VG.

Gerhardsen stressed that his desire for a rule change did not stem from any sense of dissatisfaction with the current councillors, but he did argue there was a need for greater balance.

“Comparatively small pressure groups can make relatively large gains when they apply enough resources. Ethnic groups have shown themselves to be good at mobilizing,” he said.

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