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Guess what? It’s always been that way.

Of course the YLE picture uses a “person of color” instead of a “person of paleness” to underline the real reason for the article, it’s really racism to blame. Yes they mention the language barrier and present economic situation, but you get the drift. Truth be told, the difficulty for foreigners entering the job market, (any foreigner that is) has traditionally been difficult, no matter where the person is from, degree or no degree at all.

Any potential candidate for a position in Finland, unless the language of the workplace (like Nokia) is in English, has to be proficient enough in the Finnish language to land the job. The TT knows many immigrants from the US with degrees who over the past 25 years had difficulty finding a job that meets their qualifications, and racism has nothing to do with it. KGS

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  1. Stop with the whining already! If these potential job applicants could meet the very high standards for the job and be fluent in the language of the host country they would be hired. Employers need qualified, educated, hard working folks, not folks who think just because they have some sort of degree that they can waltz onto a good paying job.

    1. Well . . yes . . there are degrees and degrees.

      Where I am from there has been a progressive “dumbing down” of academic qualifications to a point that I suspect graduates of many faculties would be hard pressed to demonstrate a mean IQ of 110.

      We used to say (and now more than ever) that a liberal Arts Degree was a first class ticket to the dole queue.

  2. Affirmatiove action is all well and good up to a point. But in the final analysis we need the most suitable applicants for training or employment whatever their ethnicity or background.

  3. “don’t wear bed sheets to work”

    LOL!! Comment of the day 😀

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