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  1. This idiot behaves like everyone else is below him and he talks down to us about mundane issues as if they were decrees from god directly to his ears.. I wouldn’t finish watching the rest of the lecture from someone I consider my intellectual inferior.

  2. Uhh… Tawfik, I don’t think many Catholics are Freemasons! And Canadians are not Americans! Guess the training for the Ph.D. didn’t include knowledge of the nations of the world. And the classification of groups into good and evil, well, it’s not wise for those in glass houses to throw stones.

    Nor does Tawfik, for all his proported ‘education’, have any knowledge of Jews and their contributions, who far, far outstrip any definable ethnic group, in this case Arab/Muslims. Here’s an idea of the relative Arab vs. Jewish Nobel contributions….


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