Happy Holidays



The Taliban: We approved this message

Vlad has some suggestions of his own: Islamic Christmas Carols: Bang Bang Verily You Die, Bombing in a Winter Wasteland, Death to the World, Do They Know It’s Jihad?, Frosty the Boobytrap, Hijacked Three Ships, I’m Dreaming of a Shi’ite Christmas, I Stoned Mommy for Kissing Santa Claus, Jingle Belts, Little Bomber Boy, No-go Town of Bethlehem, Oh Come all ye Fanatical, Oh TannenBOOM, Repulsive Jews Below, Slay Ride, While Shepherds Screwed Their Flocks, Wreck the Halls.

The TT: Deck the Halls With Bombs of Holly’

One Response

  1. While shepards screwed their sheep that night
    All knealing on the grass
    the spirit of Satan did cum up
    their fetid disease ridden arse!”
    *Bows for audiance and exits stage left*

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