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The teacher supposedly wasn’t teaching it according to the Koran, children have no right to choose what religion to follow, or not to follow.

One has to wonder why the police would have to involve itself over an issue involving anything being taught at school. Were the Muslim parents’ reactions so volatile that the police had to be called? Hmmmm. For the record, Finnish schools allow for religious instruction, always have, but Islamic teaching in public schools is a relatively new phenomenon, and it looks like it’s the first ever to involve the police in a public school. KGS

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NOTE: Mustafa Kara was the one who stated on Finnish TV during an “Islam night” discussion that “the demand for sharia law in Finland is not yet the right time”. He noted that the size of the Muslim community in the UK would correlate with the demand, and the right to have it.

SUPO investigates religion issue in Tampere: Children in school are not taught according to the koran

Aamulehti: The State Police (SUPO) was involved in a dispute during the autumn in a school in Tampere  concerning a controversy which arose between the teacher and the parents of children over the Islamic religious education that they were receiving.

The situation came to a head when according to Muslim representatives the teacher was not teaching their religion properly nor cared about the values​​ of the Koran.

The teacher had said that the child can believe what he or she wants to believe, and parents can’t intervene. We also heard that the teacher had said that Muslims can eat pure pork. In addition, he had no idea that the Koran teaches to pray five times a day, explained Mustafa Kara, president  of the Islamic community in Tampere.

The State Police got wind of the dispute and came to help in the negotiations. The problem was solved by hiring a teacher to help the Muslim religion classes, and reducing the group sizes.

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  1. Children in school are not taught according to the Koran??
    Is Finland a muslim state already?

  2. If Finland is going to put up with Muslim demands they deserve whatever they get – Europe is now the 58th Muslim state. Anyone with half a brain wouldn’t even bother to travel to Europe anymore.

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