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As I see it, Ola Tunander’s mentioning of Israel is a veiled attempt to cause Israel and her supporters, trouble. She crafts her words carefully, “some critics argued“, but the message is clear, she wants to taint the Jewish state is some way. This instance underlines the anti-Semitism of Norway’s cultural elite, they have to find a way to connect Jews to domestic troubles no matter how far the stretch. KGS

NOTE: Hans Rustad has been the target of a vicious campaign of vilification by the same Norwegian anti-semitic cultural elite attacking Israel, due to his website highlighting the problems of Muslim mass immigration in Norway.


The Norwegian peace-researcher Ola Tunander has committed an article that will raise eyebrows in many quarters. He links Anders Behring Breivik to Israel. The article appears in the respectable journal Nytt Nordisk Tidsskrift, at present under the editorial of Cathrine Holst.

The article is no less than scandalous, and raises questions not just about Ola Tunander, but also about Holst and her editorial board, which includes a lot of influtential people. Antisemitism has become more or less respectable in Norwegian academic circles. This article suggests that the price could be high.

From the english abstract: Inspiration, interests, initiation and investments in Breivik’s world

The terrorist attacks in Norway on 22 July 2011 were first described as an al-Qaeda operation. When Anders Behring Breivik was arrested and we were able to look at his video and read his manifesto, it became clear that he was inspired by Jewish-Christian anti-jihadist writers, the very individuals that had pointed to al-Qaeda in the first place.

Some critics argued that Breivik had been used by Israeli forces with an interest in changing Norway’s policy towards Palestine, as if Breivik had copied the Israeli bombing of the British headquarters in Jerusalem in 1946, on the very anniversary of that attack. However, inspiration and interests are not enough.

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  1. Of course…. after it turned out from his manifesto that he is actually Atheist and does not believe in a Judeo-Christian God…. the left still wants to somehow link him to Jews and Christian…. and make him look like he got inspired by their ideas and writers… how disgusting!

  2. Yeah well, these Israelis are responsible for everything. I woke up this morning with a bad case of ‘bed head’. ‘Sticky-up hair that just wouldn’t stay in place no matter how much I combed it!
    Obviously those pesky Zionists have nothing better to do than slip into my bedroom when I’m asleep and ruffle my scalp!

  3. It is a comfort to know that the nation that is ruled by Jew haters is also chock-a-block with Muslims who have just started to bugger them.

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