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The guy’s name is Walli Mujahidh – who could have possibly seen this coming?
One of two men authorities say were inspired by the 2009 mass killing at a Texas military base pleaded guilty Thursday to planning an attack on a Seattle military-recruiting station with machine guns and grenades.

Walli Mujahidh faces up to 32 years in prison for the plea to federal charges of conspiracy to kill officers of the United States, conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction and unlawful possession of a firearm.

His attorney, Michele Shaw, said Mujahidh, 32, has a long history of “chronic, relentless” mental illness, including 12 stays at psychiatric hospitals. He has been diagnosed with schizo-affective disorder with bipolar tendencies.

The Los Angeles man was arrested in June along with Khalid Abdul-Latif of Seattle in an FBI sting. Federal prosecutors say the men were taken into custody when they arrived at a warehouse garage to pick up machine guns to use in the attack. The purported target, the Military Entrance Processing Station on East Marginal Way in Seattle, was a recruiting station for all military branches.

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