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“Hamas does not admit the right of Israel to exist and says publicly not a single Jew will remain. The ambassador to India said last month there is no difference between Fatah and Hamas. Both agree Israel has no right to exist. Somebody ought to have the courage to tell the truth. These people are terrorists. They teach terrorism in their schools. They have textbooks that say ‘if there are 13 Jews and 9 Jews are killed, how many Jews are left?’ We pay for those textbooks through our aid money. Time for somebody to say enough lying about the Middle East,” Newt Gingrich said at the ABC News debate.

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Source: RealClearPolitics

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  1. So let’s get this straight… we don’t want ‘trouble’? And therefore the defensive victories of Israel’s wars of aggression against her must be reversed by decree? To terrorist regimes with genocidal intent?

    Let’s not forget that the Arabs have always refused any kind of Jewish state, from ’47 on. And that refusal with genocidal intent must be rewarded by sacrificing the nation of Israel?

    It is time for sane US policy. The medicine of ‘human rights’ has gone to extremes, has gone full-circle to become the disease.

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