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Socialists love to wear the merit badge of abortion (eugenics) on their chests, they claim it’s a “protection of a woman’s human individual right”, all the while they’re busily trampling over all her other rights as only statists can do. They’re not really interested in any one’s “rights” per say, they’re big government statists who vote against the individual and their rights each and every time, as they grab yet more power for the state.

Paavo Lipponen is a big-time statist and craves political power. Just a few years ago, for an example, he wanted to become the EU president (Herman Von Rompuy’s present fake position) after he was publicly against the position for some time. Only after it received wider approval by other EU self anointed elites, he changed his tune and then took to promoting himself for the position.

The man lacks principles. (He’s a Marxist, that’s why)

Timo Soini, leader of the Finns party is someone who’s political career is guided by a set of principles, and come what may, good times or bad, he sticks to them. He has long held the belief that abortion is immoral, and regardless of the worst case scenarios the Left love to throw at him, rape, incest etc., he always admits that he’s on the side of life, and he won’t change that position regardless of how much it costs him politically.

Both Soini and Lipponen were in a presidential debate Friday night, and the latter brought up, once again, the issue of abortion. Regardless of your opinions on abortion, one thing is clear, Timo Soini will not be pressed into changing his mind on a guiding principle, that being, the sanctity of life. I bet if Lipponen believed it to be politically expedient, he would be against abortion as well, not because he believes in the sanctity of human life, but because he’s an eel. KGS

YLE: Paavo Lipponen’s words was carefully considered. He pressed Soini on abortion at the Editor association’s Presidential panel, right in front of the media gatekeepers. Here is Friday’s TV news transcribed verbal exchange:

“Timo Soini, what do you say to a woman who is raped and wants an abortion? Who cries, you or the woman? “

“I’m for the sanctity of life and humanity, and I won’t define special cases, regardless of how disgusting, how repulsive, how unreasonable, ectopic pregnancies outside the uterus – whatever it may entail.”

“You should be responsible for thy neighbor, Timo Soini. But you’re not on this issue.”

“It is, however, my position and I plan to stick with it, regardless if I gain or lose votes”.

YLE: Religious beliefs are now popping up in the elections. Lipponen wanted to present the voters with the question, whether a Finnish president could be a person who does not accept abortion for a pregnant woman who has been raped?


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