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Remember folks, it’s five times a day, everyday, and whenever or wherever its belted out, it hurts the ears like the scraping of long fingernails on a chalkboard. KGS


Israelis to debate ban on Muslim call to prayer

By Paul Goldman, NBC News producer
TEL AVIV – The Israeli towns of Rosh HaAyin, which is mainly Jewish, and its neighbor, Kfar Kassem, a mostly Muslim town, enjoyed a peaceful relationship – until now.

The Israelis have had enough of their neighbors’ call to prayer.

They claim that the traditional call to prayer, which occurs five times a day, is a nuisance and disturbs their daily life. The 4:50 a.m. call is considered especially annoying.

“We hear the call to pray very loud, the situation is unbearable,” a local Rosh HaAyin resident was quoted as saying in the Hebrew version of the left-leaning Haaretz newspaper.

Another resident said, “We must find a way that we will not be disturbed and that they will be able to continue with their rituals.”

The issue is headed to the Israeli parliament, the Knesset, this Sunday.

5 Responses

  1. If these people need to know exactly when they have to pray then let them download the appropriate iphone app.

  2. Interesting point Malakh, there is more than one way handle an issue…that’s one of them.

  3. Yes, a ring tone on the mobile phone, for those interested, would be more appropriate than the caterwauling on distorted, ancient megaphones that I experienced in Old City Jerusalem. Five mosques with their loudspeakers, pre-dawn, pre-recorded, their timing way out.
    I would have more respect for the call if someone actually climbed up the minaret and sang it. Then, it could become enchanting. As it is, it’s a form of crowd control and a reminder of power.

  4. The Israeli should first record the Azan call and then play it back out of phase at the exact moment the quranimals start their loudspeaker to blast the irritating Azan call. Hopefully the out of phase Israeli playback will cancel the quranimals noise and silence will prevail.

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