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Nothing happens in Lebanon without the Heznazis knowing about it first. It’s the same in the Gaza Strip, yes there are rivalries and feuds between clans, but the Hamasnazis know the comings and goings of everything in the area. So it’s the Heznazis that are allowing the UNAFIL troops to be targeted, directly, or by a wink and a nod approval. KGS

The attack follows bombings in May and July against French and Italian peacekeepers and comes as the United Nations prepares a review of its 12,000-strong operation, which was beefed up after Israel’s 34-day war with Hezbollah in 2006.

A Reuters reporter saw a jeep with its windows blown out and several wounded peacekeepers at the scene minutes after the explosion in the Burj Al-Shamali district on the eastern edge of Tyre.

Most of the injuries were light but medical sources said one of the UNIFIL soldiers was badly wounded. Security sources said two passersby were also hurt.

Italy reduced its contribution to UNIFIL to 1,100 soldiers from 1,800 after six of its peacekeepers were wounded in May, although diplomats said the decision to cut its contingent had been taken

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  1. Last year I was in Lebanon, and we passed a restaurant/small shop place in one of the “remote” (kinda) areas, clos to the border with Israel, not really a friendly area, lots of Hezbollah there. In that place we met a group of French soldiers, I believe they were more of the doctors type than the combattant ones, anyway, they were absolutely charming, respectful, and friendly, and the told us how he same villagers they were trying to help (they open up mobile clinics) spit on them and attacked them with stones! Poor people, so honorable, yet these retards attack them! I would say they should stick totue Christian areas cause they are LOVED there, but we all know that is not where the crap is comming from that they are trying to fix, but rather from he “heznazis” like you justly said!

    1. I know many Lebanese Christians who say the exact same as you do Malakh. I really feel sorry for the once proud Lebanese Christian state now Islamized and unrecognizable from what it looked like in the 40’s and 50’s. The change is striking and telling, that’s what awaits the Jewish state if Islam gets the upper hand. Christian Lebanon was sold out by the French and the rest of Europe by the way, for the sake of appeasing the Muslims.

  2. Although it feels weird to say it, but what Anders Breivik said about Lebanon was the truest thing ever! How Europe let it fall away into Islam, and how the same is happening there! Sadly, the same people who witnessed how bad it is under islamic rule and spot the islamic tactics of changing Europe are called racist!

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