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Here we see the “good group” of the Swedish speaking minority being more tolerant of others than the bad Finnish speaking majority. This is a classic example of divide and rule, something that multiculturalists are very good at. Pitting one portion of society against the other, they champion “groups” and their supposed rights, over that of the individual. KGS

NOTE: This high profile Somali has to be seen in the wider context of the Swedish People’s party in Finland wanting to be a magnet for foreigners coming to Finland, to help swell their plummeting numbers. They believe that the answer to their party’s long term longevity (Swedish People’s Party of Finland) is to grab as many foreigners as possible, so it stands to reason why ‘Auntie’ Astrid Thors drove such a hardline mass immigration policy while she was minister of immigration.

Meet Ahmed: A Swedish-speaking Finnish Somali

Ahmed Hassan was nine when he arrived in Finland as a refugee from Somalia. In Finland, he grew up in a Swedish-speaking environment. Today he is on a mission for other foreigners to learn Swedish, Finland’s other official language.

In an interview with YLE’s Swedish-language radio news this week, Hassan, 27, says Finnish-Swedish culture is a part of his life. He is an active member of the Swedish People’s Party and works with helping foreigners integrate into Finland.

“I feel like I was lucky compared to my friends in Finnish-language schools, where they faced prejudice and racism,” says Hassan, who grew up in Helsinki.

In his opinion, racism is more of a problem in Finnish-language circles than Swedish ones.

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