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The OIC, habitually whining about “their Muslim rights”, which always comes at the expense of others. KGS

The assault to silence the voices and movements who are the real champions of free speech and human rights, continues with a vengeance. In Norway they concoct Salem-like witch hunts in the form of mass media intimidation in order to pin the “guilty parties” to the wall of public opinion, and who knows, prepare the way for their eventual conviction and internment in a mental institution.

In the US, those who maintain the politically correct order, starve badly needed funds to an organization that highlights all breeches of religious freedom, which includes documenting the assault of Islam against Christians living in Muslim lands. Chessler highlights these instances and others in an excellent report. KGS

The End of Religious Freedom

In an age when the persecution of Egypt’s Coptic Christians is more bloody than ever the bill to continue funding the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom was held up by just one man, Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill).

Many European politically correct/anti-racist governments agree with the OIC Conference. For example, European governments have prosecuted “thought crimes” which involve criticism of Islam or any objective presentation of Islam (honor killing, honor related violence, forced marriage, daughter and wife beating, etc.) that some Muslim somewhere finds offensive — in Holland, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Iceland etc. I myself have called this the death of free speech in Europe.

Recently, I was involved in the case of a Pakistani apostate, Khalid Saheed, who sought and was denied political asylum in Sweden. Predictably, he and his family have received death threats from Islamic fundamentalists. If Saheed and his family are sent back to Pakistan, they will be murdered for leaving Islam. This is the true state of religious tolerance in the Muslim world. There is no such freedom and USCRIF has boldly exposed and published this truth.

Finally: What does Dick Durbin have to do with the death of the USCRIF?

Read it all here.


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