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The Tundra Tabloids was forwarded this article by Richard Landes from multiple tipsters on the phenomenon of modern day Muslim anti-Semitism, and the reluctance of the mainstream media to tackle it convincingly head on, and with regularity.

One also needs to take note however, of the roots of Muslim Jew hatred, and it begins with the Koran, which is then promulgated in the Hadiths and the Sunna of Mohamed. The National Socialists of the 30’s and 40′ found fertile soil in the Middle East for their seeds of Jew hatred.

NOTE: Everyone interested in the subject needs to order a copy of Dr.Andrew Bostom’s The Legacy of Islamic Anti-Semitism, as well as read this copy of Arab Theologians on Jews and Israel (pdf) .

Muslim anti-Semitism, Israel and the dynamics of self-destructive scapegoating

One of my daughters recently wrote to me: “I was speaking to a friend of mine who had been dating a very, very, anti-Israel activist for about a year. We don’t usually broach the topic but she asked me if most of the Muslim anti-Semitism in Europe wasn’t based on their dislike of what is going on in Israel and not so much on religion.”

This is a widely held belief among not only anti-Zionists, but among liberals in general. It takes a number of forms, all of which serve to explain the explosive and virulent hatreds of the Muslim world for Israel and the Jews (who support it), as a function of the evil that Israel has done to the Palestinians. It includes the widely held assumption that suicide bombings were a response to the despair that Palestinians felt because Israel denied them independence and dignity. It is also directly related to the problem of “Islamophobia is the new Anti-Semitism,” in which speaking of Muslim anti-Semitism becomes a new form of anti-Semitism.

The argument, of course, can work inversely: Palestinian anti-Semites have produced icons of hatred that, through modern media, have spread the virus throughout the Muslim world. The violence that Israel does against the Palestinians, from targeted killings to the separation barrier, to the blockade of Gaza, responds to Palestinian attacks inspired by anti-Semitic propaganda.

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