People are so naive and fools for believing that the Muslim Brotherhood is a moderate movement, or that they can be moderated through governance. The Muslim Brotherhood are the con artists, and the Salafists are the straight stalkers.

The point of Fateh being “a moderate Muslim” is irrelevant, as long as all the schools of thought in Islam agree with dominating the non-Muslim, people like him present no real threat to it. He’s also naive that the secularists will one day triumph over the totalitarians, Islam has a pretty strong record of holding its grip on Muslim states.  KGS

NOTE: What’s also waiting in the wings in the Egyptian political arena, are the communists/socialists, so either way, those representing tyranny are going to be the dominant political force in Egypt for decades (perhaps for centuries) to come.

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  1. I have no faith in the so-called moderate Muslims. The distinction is meaningless for all practical purposes. It is the number that counts. Once Muslims are a near majority, they will declare it to be a Muslim area, and enforce sharia, either illegally if they don’t have the numbers across the nation, or legally if they have the numbers. In either case, the distinction between the radicals and moderates is meaningless.

    Let us consider the hypothetical situation that ALL Muslims at present living in the West, accepted the call, under the threat of expulsion, to clean up their communities of extremism . They even went further and made changes in their teachings of the Koran and the jihad. Such an outcome would no doubt come as a relief to many on this site, the government, the MSM, and elsewhere. But I counter, that all such changes were being done merely to protect the ummah while it grows at ever-increasing pace in the West. Once a near majority is achieved, that future generation of Muslims will simply revoke any changes(Taqqiya is advocated for Muslims when under stress), and return to the traditions of the unchanging and unchangeable Koran i.e., the canonical texts of Islam that cannot be changed, but only protected when under duress. That future generation of Muslims in the UK or the West, will even praise this generation of Muslims for having done what was necessary to protect Islam.

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