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A Leftist totally off his meds.

[A new Europe threatens to emerge in the shadow of the crisis: a continent dominated by despondency and a defiance of politics that that has paved the way for a resurgence of nationalism and Islamophobia. These are much more serious dangers than national debt figures, writes Aftonbladet.]

When has there been “islamophobia” before the current period, the recent coinage is a product of the Muslim Brotherhood in the West….? The multiculturalist are getting so desperate to replace anti-Semitism with “islamophobia” that they can’t even put together a coherent sentence.  Here are a few comments to the article by Linberg, which totally diffuse the assertions he makes.

“”nationalism and Islamophobia (…) are much more serious dangers than national debt figures”

“The author is confusing the cause and the result. The real problems are Islam and and hostile immigrants unwilling to integrate and the rise of the “phobias” is just a result of it. In other word, the rise of the “right” was induced by the actions of the “left”. “

More :

“What is emerging is not an EXTREME RIGHT OR POPULISM. What is emerging is the WILL OF PEOPLE, who often never wanted to be EUROPE but NATIONS IN EUROPE, and people with a national identity and not a “multicultural” mélange without any identity as someone is deliberately trying to do.

As to the ISLAMOPHOBIA…..i’d rather focus on ISLAMIZATION. How comes the press never mentions is= How comes the press is so blind towards what’s happening with muslims in Europe?

What about Denmark, UK, Germany and their islamic communities and Sharia ruled enclaves?”

 As BareNakedIslam states, and the TT adds to it: “It’s not Islamophobia when they really are trying (both to colonize and)  to kill you”. KGS

H/T: Baron Bodissey

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