Are you tired of just reading about Islam?

Would you rather do something about it instead?

Mosquebusters is the Law and Freedom Foundation’s planning law program to help neighborhoods oppose mosque planning applications. We use professional procedure to resist the spread of Islam.

We need a volunteer, someone reliable and conscientious, to sort through our weekly lists of mosque planning applications and gather together online information on them.

When we pass you the weekly list, you will spend about an evening each week:

Sorting through them to see which ones definitely are mosque planning applications;
Gathering the basic relevant documents and information about the ones that are, so that our lawyer can get up the legal case;
Doing occasional online sleuthing to ferret out the background to “Community centres” and “Education and training centres”.

You will:

Be reliable and conscientious
Be happy working online week after week, knowing how vital your work is
Did I mention “reliable and conscientious”?

We know this works: we win. So do your bit and help us keep winning!

Please write me at: admin@lawandfreedomfoundation.org

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