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Right now British ships should be heading towards Iranian ports as the rest of the free world orders the closing of Iranian embassies in their countries in a show of solidarity. KGS

NOTE: Just a thought, will this assault on a fellow Western state cause Austria to end their trade with the Iranians?

Britain evacuates all its diplomatic staff in Iran after frenzied mob storms embassy shouting ‘Death to England’

  • Hostages freed by police after a brief struggle with demonstrators at Britain’s other diplomatic facility several miles away
  • ‘We hold the Iranian government responsible,’ says William Hague
  • British Foreign Office ‘outraged’ by ‘utterly unacceptable vandalism’
  • White House condemns unrest in ‘strongest possible terms’
  • Demonstrators clash with riot police before ransacking building
  • Students chant ‘death to England’ as they burn the Union Jack and tear up pictures of The Queen
  • Attack comes two days after Iran approves bill to reduce diplomatic relations with Britain


Last updated at 9:08 AM on 30th November 2011

Britain has today evacuated all its diplomatic staff from Iran and warned of ‘serious consequences’ after hardline protesters stormed the embassy in Tehran and tried to take staff hostage.

A frenzied mob of militant Iranian students ransacked the main building and a smaller diplomatic compound in the city.

They lobbed petrol bombs, smashed windows, stole classified documents, torched the Union flag and even tore up a portrait of the Queen.

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4 Responses

  1. we need to actively engage with the iranian resistance and topple that shit pile.

  2. Is this finally a wake-up call? Iran is showing its true face … which it has been doing pretty much every day since 1979.

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