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Face the facts, Iran is a rogue state

Harris says the things that need to be said. Iran is a rogue state that is doing just about whatever it thinks it can without any care for the possible consequences, because it knows it can handle any sanctions. No nation right now has the stomach to take it them in any meaningful way, and Iran has powerful backers, it’s not a Libya.

What Iran did was in fact an act of war, these weren’t students, they were members of the Basij paramilitary set up by the late ayatollah Khomeini, this was state sanctioned. That said, the idea of a violent action taken against one’s own embassy on sovereign soil, as an act of war, has pretty much gone the way of the dinosaur, thug regimes have been doing it for years and with little backlash other than “letters of outrage”.

If anything of the sort was done 50-60 years ago, there would have been hell to pay for it, but US Jimmy Carter paved the way for the present feeble response to assaults on embassies, just like proven traitors are no longer executed and pirates no longer face swift just punishment by hanging on the masts of ships that capture them. KGS

NOTE: Read Barry Rubin’s latest on the recent murder of Rafiq Tagi, the Azerbaijaini writer, who was most likely knocked off by Iran.

Who Killed The Next One Hundred People Like Rafiq Tagi? You Did

“The stars are dead. The animals will not look./We are left alone with our day, and the time is short, and/History to the defeated/may say Alas but cannot help nor pardon.” –W.H. Auden, “Spain, 1937”

By Barry Rubin

You’ve almost certainly never heard of Rafiq Tagi but the drip-drip drumbeat that has so long made much of the Middle East into a living Hell is like the drops of his blood. Tagi was an Azerbaijaini writer of courage. He was stabbed by two men in Baku on the night of November 19. Five days later he died in a hospital bed. Sixty-one years old.

Here is his funeral. It is a Muslim funeral. Not many mourners. Certainly not enough.

Tagi was one of those guys who had real guts and real convictions even though he knew for certain that his life was at risk every day. Not like the well-paid, safe and secure people who tremble about telling the truth so often found among the exalted intellectuals of the West. He said what he thought about his own government, criticized Islamism, and lambasted the regime of Iran which was not far from his home in Baku. The Iranian regime especially hated him.

Who killed Tagi? I asked a trusted friend in Baku who replied, “We don’t know for sure but everyone believes it was the Iranian regime.”

More here.

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