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It’s not only Assad with his back against the wall

What will happen if and when Assad and his regime falls, is the mass persecution of Christians on a similar scale seen in the wake of a post-Saddam Iraq. There are some very, very nervous Christians right about now wondering whether its the right time to head for the hills.

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The Tolerant Dictator

Syria’s Christians Side with Assad Out of Fear

Many of Syria’s 2.5 million Christians are supporting President Bashar Assad amidst ongoing protests in the country. They prefer a brutal dictator who guarantees the rights of religious minorities to the uncertain future that Assad’s departure would bring. The president is exploiting their fears of Islamists for his own ends.

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  1. All my Lebanese Christian friends (no exceptions) side with him! Since he comes from a minority, the Alaouis, he also protects minorities, as well as the many great Christian sites there, such as one of the last Aramaic villages on Earth with its monastery.

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