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TSN: We shall find these swingers, and deliver the wrath of Mohamed.

Please take note of the bottom sentence, a kalashnikov found as well. I think that the Saudi police added that for good measure. Given the oppressive nature of Saudi/Islamic societies, it’s no wonder that people resort to such tactics. KGS

Saudi religious police HQ targeted by sex maniacs

Tried to create a sex video right in front of the police headquarter signboard
By Staff

Published Sunday, November 27, 2011

Three Saudi men parked their car close to the headquarters of the Gulf Kingdom’s feared religious police late night, got out and started having sex with a woman accompanying them just in front of the massive police signboard.

They were filming themselves with the aim publicising the shot to defame the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, the most influential law enforcement authority in the Muslim nation.

The three were half way through their operation when one of them noticed the security camera next to the signboard in the capital Riyadh. They stopped filming, headed for the camera and smashed it before fleeing the scene.

In the morning, Commission members going to their offices were surprised to notice that the security camera was badly damaged.

But examination later showed the film inside was intact and it contained clear shots of the three men while having sex with the girl.

“Within three hours, two of those men were captured and a search is still under way to find the third man and the girl,” Sabq newspaper said.

“Commission members also found a Kalashnikov machine gun with one of the arrested.”

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