Anti-Islamization Islam in the UK MOSQUE BUSTERS



Yet another Slam dunk!

From the Vladinator: I will have news and details hopefully soon. But I couldn’t wait to break the excellent news that Gavin at Law and Freedom Foundation has scored another massive home run stopping a mosque in the very town where Muslims murdered and then chopped up and sold the body of a young British girl they had already sexually exploited as kabobs to unwitting customers. Blackpool.

I hope to have much more on this soon but 3 cheers for Gavin Boby and please everyone, visit his site and support him. He is doing fantastic work.

(Any errors or omissions in this post is my error and mine alone and due to premature posting syndrome)

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  1. Thank God. I hear Switzerland is stepping up in stopping mosque building. Germany is a mess and France, they are so concerned with being allies with middle eastern countries, they just let any of them in there. America is still in denial. People are waking up, but it is very slow. Most people think that it just could not happen here. When I see a top official in Germany say the exact thing the leader of Malaysia said, “(blank) Belongs to Islam Now.” I think, holy shit, Europe is gone. I have been sitting here watching it, but I kept thinking people would stand up. Some countries in Europe are very closed with their news on Islam, so news is difficult to find but I have always suspected it was much worse then what is told to the public. This makes me wonder how long it will be before a war breaks out.

    Thanks for writing and for the great article!

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