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Remember that Obama heaped praise upon al-Azhar during his speech to the Arab/Muslim world in Cairo’s famous university. KGS

Yusuf al-Qaradawi: That the Koran sanctions me to kill all the Jews, this I know, for Mohamed tells me so.

NOTE: Interestingly enough, the OIC wouldn’t deem this as anti-Semitism.

Also, in a recent email exchange with a supposed pro-Israel advocate who hails from the J-Street crowd, I received the following words of criticism:

“The word “Islamofascist” has no place in a civilized and respectful discussion anywhere.

So my response to him was, and to any other individual who may think like him:

“Should we have referred to German Nazis as Nazi fascists and would that have been part of civilized and respectful discussion? And, ” Just what part of the Muslim Brotherhood’s recent call to exterminate all Jews doesn’t make them Islamofascists?”

Muslim Brotherhood rally vows to ‘kill all Jews’

11/27/2011 02:15

Organizers at Cairo’s iconic al-Azhar Mosque warn against “Judaization of Jerusalem.”

A Muslim Brotherhood rally in Cairo on Friday at the Sunni world’s most prestigious center of learning turned into a call for genocide, with protesters pledging to “one day kill all Jews.”Eldad Beck, Ynet’s Arab affairs correspondent, reported from Cairo that some 5,000 people attended the rally at al-Azhar Mosque, convened to coincide with the anniversary of the approval of the 1947 UN Partition Plan for Palestine.

The event, organizerssaid, was aimed at rallying Egyptians behind the “battle against Jerusalem’s Judaization.”

Speakers at the demonstration condemned “Zionist occupiers” and “treacherous Jews,” and organizersdistributed maps of the Old City highlighting areas where “Zionists are aiming to change Jerusalem’s Muslim character.”

Muhammad Ahmed el- Tayeb, the imam of al-Azhar Mosque, told the crowd: “Al- Aksa Mosque is currently under an offensive by the Jews… We shall not allow the Zionists to Judaize al-Quds [Jerusalem]. We are telling Israel and Europe that we shall not allow even one stone to be moved there.”

Protesters chanted, “Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv: Judgment Day has come,” and passages from the Koran vowing that “one day we shall kill all the Jews.”

Al-Azhar Mosque is part of al-Azhar University, a millennium- old compound in central Cairo that is the world’s leading center of Arabic literature and Sunni jurisprudence.

Beck quoted an elementary school teacher outside the mosque telling him, “All Egyptian Muslims are willing to embark on jihad for the sake of Palestine.”

“Why is the US losing in Afghanistan?” he asked.

“Because the other side is willing and wants to die. We have a different mentality than that of the Americans and Jews.”

Meanwhile, late last week, Egypt’s Youm7 newsweekly reported that the Brotherhood’s spiritual leader, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, had returned to Cairo for the first time since his dramatic return in February from a half-century in exile.

The immensely popular television preacher arrived at Cairo Airport on Wednesday “to follow the incidents in Tahrir Square,” the center of anti-government protests.

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  1. Really! did any one with half of a brain expect the ‘followers of the teachings of the prophet ‘ especially the fanatical Muslim Brotherhood to suddenly change after 1400+ years of war, conquest, hate, pillage, genocide, persecution, destruction, and a continuing jihad against the ‘unclean’, and ‘unholy’ Infidel.

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