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This isn’t the first time the Queen was seen giving deference to Islam.

If this were a head of state from Israel, no one would be demanding an entirely kosher banquet, the thought would never occur. Please do keep in mind that kosher laws are even more strict than halal, with the latter being a cheap knock-off of the former. Pure dhimmitude. Winston Churchill would drink his scotch and smoke his cigar in the face of any Muslim leader and dare him to be upset about it. KGS

H/T: Sheik Yer’Mami

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  1. If Turkey ever gets into the EU then it will definitely be the end of Europe. Millions of Turkish Muslims flooding into the continent in addition to the tens of millions already here will mean that the final Islamisation of Europe is unavoidable.

    This would be a tragedy of unimaginable proportions and every European should work against it by supporting and voting for anti-EU political parties.

  2. So because its to do with a couple of turks, everyone has to eat halal food.

    Its not the Queens fault – its the dhimmi mentality that has to grovel to anything remotely connected to Islam; can’t afford to offend them, you know; they might do something violent.

  3. Western monarchies don’t see they are on a slippery slope to their own demise.

  4. In response to the comments made; firstly well done to our queen for accommodating her guests…it is, as the article says, politeness. Secondly, there is no taste difference between halal meat and haram (non-halal) meat so it wouldn’t make any difference to non-Muslims eating the meal… In response to the anti-Islam comments- sorry don’t really agree…each to their own when it comes to religion-there’s no room in the world to prejudice!

    1. Serving everyone halal to placate a few muslims is beyond the pail. Especially when muslims always expect special treatment.

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