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  1. Another sickening display of groveling, by the lackeys, lapdogs, and apologists of Islam. All of this bending over to please and appease the’ followers of the teachings of the prophet’. We the ‘Infidels” in their minds are unclean and unholy’ however our hundreds of billions in cash, supplies, and the blood shed by our troops are a different matter.

  2. The important line in the article is this one:

    “The interfaith chapel in question is supervised by the U.S. Army.”

    If the chapel is interfaith then no religion should have the right to impose its symbols on it. It is there for everyone no matter which superstition they believe in. Crosses or a crescents or any symbols of any other religion should not be displayed there.

    The article does say that there are two mosques on the base, so if there are soldiers who believe in Jesus or any other sky fairy then why can’t they build their own church or temple or whatever. If they have their own place they can fill it with all the bling they want pertaining to their own particular superstition.

    But if the chapel is interfaith, then no magic sky spirit that any particular soldier might worship should take precedence over any other. That means no religious symbols permmanently displayed on it.

    1. Just remember one thing Frank, it wasn’t from fear that Jews would be offended of the cross, and had it removed, but Islam.

      1. The cross had to be removed because the place was meant to be interfaith and therefore not dedicated to any one religion.

        Everything else is irrelevant.

        1. No one else was complaining! Read the piece again, it was removed for deference to Islam. Period. You have your anti-religion radar going full blast and not seeing the point.

          1. There is no other point than that a place intended for interfaith use should not be permanently adorned with the symbols of any single faith.

            It hardly matters who complained about it and whoever complained, it certainly wasn’t Muslims. As the article points out: “there had been no complaints from Muslims”

            Anybody can complain, it’s not illegal, and in this case the complainers happened to be quite right. Again, as the article points out “The removal was, in fact, in accordance with Army regulations”

        2. Frank, you come across as an absolute bigot.

          If there are mosques in the area, then Muslims are free to patronise them.

          Nobody is holding a gun to the heads of muslims forcing them to patronise a s0-called interfaith centre.

          It is as plain as day that this place is frequented by American Christian soldiers, and plain as day that you have a problem with Christianity.

          Keep your bigotry in check and go read the koran.

  3. well Frank, america was founded by Christians, so I say any jewish, muslim, hindu, etc… symbol should be removed cause it is offensive!! And atheists should be kicked out cause it is also offensive! How about THAT??? Stop having stupid double standards!! Jews and Christians don’t complain about each other, it is just the muzzies who do! Oh and stupid anti-religion people!

  4. Raymond, the name of the place gives it away: “interfaith.” It is intended for all faiths and no particular one. No faith has the right to take it over with their own symbols and army regulations clearly say so.

    Are you saying that army regulations should be ignored and disobeyed? Which other army regulations do you think soldiers should disobey? Why bother with regulations at all?

    The Muslims did not complain, as the article clearly states and anyway the Muslims had their own places of worship. If the Christians want their own place where they can communicate with their god they can build their own, they don’t need to take over a place intended for everyone.

    I don’t have a problem with Christianity or any other silly superstition. As far as I’m concerned people can believe any old crap they like.

    Malakh, if you will read the article you will find that the Muslims did not complain. If you want the USA to become a Christian theocracy, that’s fine, that’s your democratic right and you should form a religious party and stand for election on that platform.

    But until you win an election the USA is not a Christian theocracy and people are free to believe any superstitious crap of their choice. Or none.

    What they are not free to do is disobey regulations. In another place in this blog KGS has been arguing that people who disobey regulations and infringe on the rights of others should be pepper sprayed. It’s a good job that the Christians did take down their religious symbol otherwise KGS would be demanding that the the military police go in there and pepper spray them.

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