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Loving butchery is Islamic.

Saudi Arabia, where one can still visit the 7th century and not be in a museum.  KGS

Four sisters first butcher, then behead brother and flee

Man found lying in a pool of blood in his room with his head was severed from his body

By Staff/AFP
Published Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Four Saudi sisters butchered their brother with knives at their house in the Gulf Kingdom and then cut his head off but were later arrested.

Police said their father informed them about the murder and told them he suspected his daughters because they had fled home.

“Police found the man, in his 20s, lying in a pool of blood in his room and his head was severed from his body,” Ajel Arabic language newspaper said in a report from the northern town of Hafr Al Batin.

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  1. I know Saudi well, He must of broken some rule or another of Islamic law, Read the book “Paramedic to the Prince” if you want to learn about the real Saudi Arabia. It was written by an American Paramedic who spent ten years their. He also worked on the medical staff of King Abdullah. A great insight into a strange country.

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