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If you want to learn what Islam is all about, you don’t even have to crack a book, just seek out those individuals or groups of individuals who have once lived under sharia and with other Muslims. Ask them what they think of Islam and you’ll get overwhelming responses in the negative. KGS

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  1. No surprise here, the lackeys, lapdogs, and apologists of Islam truly believe that by letting the ‘followers of the teachings of the prophet’ have their way they will be accommodating, behave civilly, assimilate and be rational in dealing with the public. However this ‘feel good’ crap never works. When it comes to dealing with most Muslims it’s always their way or no way. Taxpayer funds should never be used to build what has in fact become a ‘Mini Mosque’. The same but kissing liberals would go ballistic if Christians loaded the ‘so-called’ ‘non denominational ‘prayer room with literature and religious symbols.

  2. The same thing is to be found in so-called “multi-faith” prayer rooms in universities and public hospitals in Britain. A friend who worked in the HR department of a large hospital said they had never-ending problems with muslims refusing to allow non-muslims into the “multi-faith” prayer room. And of course, the dhimmi liberals refuse to recognise what this means — islam is incompatible with tolerance and multi-culturalism. The entire religion is based on the denigration of polytheists, apostates, and dhimmis. Before Mohammed took over Mecca, it WAS a multi-faith city. Mohammed invented islam to justify his own Stalinism, then proceeded to wipe out the culture that had allowed islam to breed.

    1. How true, most Islamic or Muslim countries are nothing more than religious concentration camps cleverly disguised as nations with civilian governments. A place where the Imams change the rules at their whim, and are enforced harshly by the ‘religious police’. Don’t look for due process or Habaus Corpus in the Islamic world

  3. If a place is intended to be multi-faith then that it what it should be. Muslims, nor anyone else, should be allowed to fill it with the symbols of their own religion. There is another case reported in this blog of another religion wanting to impose its symbols on a multi-faith prayer room:

    No religious group should be allowed to imose its symbols on a multi-faith environment.

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