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And the maniac wasn’t taken down by police gunfire because of why?

Give me a chopper!’: What maniac told butcher before snatching knife and stabbing four policemen

  • Two officers in their 20s, described as being in a serious condition last night
  • One was knifed in the stomach, while the other suffered head and neck wounds
  • Fearful shopkeepers dialled 999 after watching a man holding a bottle of alcohol and shouting at passers-by


Last updated at 1:44 AM on 20th November 2011

Four police officers were stabbed yesterday after a man ran into a butcher’s shop, grabbed a 12in knife and began attacking them during a violent struggle.

Two of the officers, who are in their 20s, were in a serious condition last night. One was knifed in the stomach and the other suffered head and neck wounds.

Witnesses described how the knifeman shouted, ‘Give me a chopper’ at terrified staff in the shop, before reaching over the counter, snatching the foot-long blade and lashing out at officers.

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  1. A damned shame, I know for a fact that in many countries this deranged dirtbag would be at room temperature, after taking a few rounds from a 9mm. The PC approach to law enforcement in the UK is a fools game. A officer must be able to use lethal force when faced with a threat such as this one.

  2. Not all UK police carry lethal weapons – a throwback to when people actually respected the rule of law.

  3. don’t get mewrong this is very sad but are people always complaining the police protect muslims. well they got what they deserved.

    1. No I disagree, the police didn’t deserve being cut up, they are servants of the civilian government and take orders from above. It’s way to easy to blame police, especially those not in the position of high office for enforcing policy. There are corrupt police officials yes, not willing to take a philosophical stand against the politicians, but the rank and file risk their lives from day to day trying to keep the public safe from riff raff. Many bobbies are sympathetic with the EDL.

      1. How true, in many civil service jobs if a person makes his honest and true feelings known the power structure can make his life miserable, in some cases a living hell, by constant and subtle harassment and poor performance reports. This is why there are so many PC butt kissers in supervisory positions.

  4. I would like to see the Muslim policemen(women), deal with this. Let the Islamist cut up their own!

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