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The Fisking of the Norwegian Leftist-Extremist Stalinist, Øyvind Strømmen……..


The Gates of Vienna does us all a mighty big favor in dissecting, and debunking the repugnant Norwegian, Øyvind Strømmen, in its latest article. There’s nothing worse than a person cashing in on the tragedy of others, something that Strømmen obviously couldn’t care less about. Got to sell those books, right Strømmen?

We need to pick apart the carefully manicured meme that Fascism/National Socialism is on the extreme right, in his article, Baron Bodissey, does exactly that, but also exposes the stupidity of the person writing the review of Øyvind Strømmen’s book. Great job Baron, the more they open their mouths, the more we can expose them for what they are. KGS

The Lone Stalinist Cries “Wolf”

Øyvind Strømmen is a relatively unknown left-wing extremist in Norway. Or, rather, he was relatively unknown, even in the blogosphere, until he made a big splash recently with the publication of a new book about the influence of right-wing “fascists” on Anders Behring Breivik. His book shamelessly exploits Breivik’s atrocities in Oslo and on the island of Utøya to gain personal fame for the author and sell more books.

Regular readers may remember Øyvind Strømmen from long ago, back during the LGF Wars in late 2007 and early 2008. Mr. Strømmen became one of Charles’ Johnson’s principal sources (and for a time, hisonly source) on what both men referred to as “European neo-fascism”.

The practice of calling one’s political enemies “fascists” was perfected by Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili, a.k.a. Joseph Stalin, in the 1920s and 1930s. He was so effective at characterizing his “deviationist” fellow Socialists as “right-wing” that the Western political establishment, the mainstream media, and most of the academy have considered Nazis and Fascists as “conservative extremists” ever since. Recognizing Fascism and Nazism — National Socialism — as left-wing socialist ideologies is the first step towards rousing us from the stupor to which the Marxists have consigned us over the past eight decades.

If we’re going to fling names at people, Øyvind Strømmen could with justification be labeled a “Stalinist”. Given his left-wing ideology and his propensity for calling people with whom he disagrees “fascists”, the description is a good fit.

The following review of Mr. Strømmen’s book was published at NRK (the Norwegian state broadcaster). Many thanks to Henrik Ræder Clausen for the translation. I’ve interpolated a few relevant comments:

The Lone Wolf Comes From a Flock
by Tarjei Skirbekk

Only a few knew who Øyvind Strømmen was before July 22, 2011. But after the terrorist attacks in Olso, Norway, his mapping of extreme right elements on the Internet have gained top relevance. Strømmen is probably the single person with the best non-classified overview of these elements in Norway. And unlike most of us, he was not surprised that the hatred of the extreme right could lead to the terror that struck Norway.

We’re only on the first paragraph, and already the leftist agenda has made itself evident. Mr. Strømmen has “the best non-classified overview” of the right wing in Norway. Who says so? How do they know?

What are Mr. Strømmen’s credentials — besides being able to move the mouse, click the links, and read articles on the internet, which anyone can do?

Why wouldn’t an expert overview of the Right from within the Right be considered relevant? We’re experts on ourselves, after all.

NRK would never consider a conservative to be an expert on left-wing extremism, and would certainly never print a right-winger’s opinions on the Marxist scene in Norway. What gives a lefty such special privileges?

Read the rest at GOV.

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