Sweden has been circling the drain for decades, perhaps this will push it through the drain holes. KGS

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  1. Is this school head Swedish, or muslim?

    Does a Swedish school teacher accept the new law without questions?

    The new law in a sivilized society

    The DJ was faced with a person who didn’t behave in the bar at Jessheim, close to Oslo airport, and had to ask the guards to show him out. With three other men (Turks) he then waited one hour for the DJ and attacked not only the DJ, but also his female friend and one other person.

    – I no longer go out when not accompanied, says the woman

    The police claims that there is no increase in violence at Jessheim, and that violence between different ethnic groups are just “single incidents”. The police refuse to see any pattern. For instance, the pattern of four violent males taking the law into their own hands and terrorizing the natives.

    A matter of honor

    The DJ explains what happened, thanking friends for the support after the assault.

    – At around 3 at night, I left the bar with my two friends. In a dark street four, the one who had been thrown out, and three other men showed up and battered all three of us, one after the other.

    Before this, they had scratched my car on both sides. They knew my car because I had given one of them a lift several times. An ambulance took me to hospital to get my eye area stitched together. One of my friends also had to have her head stitched.

    One of the worst things about it all, is that one of the attackers is a DJ colleague, and the one who headbutted me is a businessman at the same shopping centre.

    This talk about honor, loosing face, etc, is just bs. I have reported the incident to the police, and I do hope these cowards really get punished with a long-term penalty.

    As a DJ, I see a lot, and I definitely think there is more violence and indecent behaviour than before, particularly as women cannot be left alone but are being harassed at bars.
    jeg mener det er blitt mer bråk og mer usømmelig oppførsel, blant annet ved at damer ikke får gå i fred uten å nærmest bli antastet på utesteder,


    This school head in Sweden, and this policeman in Norway – are they just abiding by The new law, via pressure from the politicians?

    Is this just Turkish/islamic violence, or is this also part of Erdogan’s new empire, where alcohol is forbidden? Turks in local areas, are preparing for the future, by making bars a place you don’t want to stay, and by this, slowly eliminating alcohol in society?

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