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But with Serbs having been vilified, the rest of Europe couldn’t care less.

The wholesale eviction of Serbs from their ancient birthplace, and turning it over to fanatical Muslims is one of Europe’s darker stains. Yes, the Tundra Tabloids is well aware of the atrocities committed by all sides in the wars within Bosnia etc., but what really galls is the way the jihadists have been able to manufacture a highly sanitized image of themselves as victims, while all along they’ve committed (and still do) atrocities against the Serb people. Something really stinks here, and it marches under the colors of green and black. KGS

Kosovo: 21,000 Serbs apply for Russian citizenship, say they fear genocide

Serbs in Metohija have asked the Russian State Duma for help to get Russian citizenship, in order to prevent the daily attacks by Kosovo Albanians. There are at present 200 thousand Serbs in Kosovo, 21 thousand of whom have made the request. Thousands of Serbs living in the Serbian part of Mitrovitsa have taken to the streets carrying placards with the inscription “Russia, help”.

Mitrovitsa, which lies on the administrative border between Kosovo and Serbia, resembles the carving up of Berlin 20 years ago. Serbs in Kosovo are hoping that dual citizenship will be a protection for them.

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