Anti-Israel bigotry and bias Hannu Reime YLE



Too bad it’s on the taxpayers’ own dime.

Totally frustrating to be forced to pay this A-hole’s salary, it’s one reason why there shouldn’t be a state fee for watching TV, we end up paying for mediocrity like Hannu Reime, Sanna Negus (and a whole host of others) and  there seems to be no way of getting rid of them. Hannu Reime is a carbon copy of Erkki Tuomioja, Finland’s 1960’s Marxist radical Foreign Minister who gets everything wrong.

(What’s with the Lenin look with these neo-Marxists anyways?)

No amount of information that would easily counter Hannu Reime’s world view would induce him to modify, let alone change his mind on some of the issues surrounding his pet subject, and whipping post, Israel.

Here he is sitting in on a seminar after hearing pseudo scholar, Avi Shlaim, speak back in Dec of 2009, almost two years ago. He’s listening to the Israeli Ambassador to Finland, Avi Granot, explain why it’s important to keep a level head on the issues surrounding the conflict.

It’s obvious in today’s radio broadcast (only in Finnish) where he compared Israeli policies to those of ‘some European areas during the WWII’ which is an anti-Semitic act. These lovers of the EU should read up on its own guidelines on what constitutes an act of anti-Semitism. Comparing Israeli policies to that of the Nazis is defined as an act of anti-Semitism.

He also spread the false claim that the security fence is a land grab, regardless of all the evidence to the contrary, like Israel moving its border fence with Lebanon after their claims were upheld in the world court, at the cost of millions to its taxpayers. Also the moving of its own security fence to accommodate Palestinian claims upheld by its own supreme court.

Nope, no amount of factual evidence will suffice for this hack, yes that’s right, he’s a hack, because he’s not interested in the truth, but in spreading of his own failed ideology… that YLE obviously agrees with.

Journalism, what a joke of a profession, or should I say, hacks like Reime make a joke of the journalistic profession. KGS

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