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Saudi Arabia, where one can still visit the 7th century and not be in a museum.


TSN: As soon as we beat the crap out of these ‘naughty boys’, the only touching they’ll be doing is to their own broken and bleeding bodies. Just think of Gadaffi minus the anal probe,… then again.

Male walk exposes two boys disguised as girls

By Staff
Published Tuesday, November 15, 2011

24/7: Two naughty Syrian boys in Saudi Arabia thought of enjoying touching women without being prosecuted in the conservative Muslim Gulf Kingdom, so they donned traditional Arabian female gowns and walked into a crowded shopping mall. Minutes later, they were seen handcuffed and led by the religious police.

Members of the feared Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice had watched the two since they went into the mall in the capital Riyadh as they suspected the way they walked as males.

“They kept watching them until they saw that they are touching women deliberately….when they caught them, they found they are boys not girls.”


Saudi woman to be flogged for driving car

Published Monday, November 14, 2011

A Saudi court has ordered the flogging of a local woman 10 times for driving a car in defiance of a long-standing ban in the Kingdom, a newspaper reported on Monday.

Shaima Jastaniya said the court in the western Red Sea port of Jeddah had issued what she described as a “Sharia sentence” ordering her lashing for violating the ban on female driving.

“I received a copy of this sentence on Saturday. I now need to consult my lawyer after what happened to me,” she said, quoted by the London-based Saudi Arabic language daily Alhayat.

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  1. For people who have such an aversion to pigs, they certainly spend a lot of time of living up to our culture’s definition of pig.

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