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Life imitates art. The UK sinks even further into the abyss of tyranny.

Vlad has it that the EDL had strict directives to be on their best behavior. The idea was to be present, wear poppies, show respect to Britain’s war dead, then leave. The UK police instead crack down on them, and arrest them in a Minority Report-like fashion, for something that they believed would happen. Unreal. KGS

From the Huffington Post.

“To those of you who will still be attending London in the morning to pay your respects,? ?please make your way to Westminster and not Kensington as originally planned.? ?We wish to remind you to conduct yourselves accordingly by dressing smartly? (?suit and tie if possible?) ?and acting respectfully and responsibly.? ?This is not an EDL march and EDL colours/hoodies and banners should not be bought along.? ?Above all wear your poppy with pride?!”

More here.

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  1. The once great police agencies in the UK have become IMHO nothing more than ‘thought police’ , taking preventive action , because in their opinion an undesirable group may violate the law or take some type of action. This is a violation of personal freedoms and the beginning of a true ‘police state’ .

  2. This has me SO wound up Im literally shaking with rage. Theresa May has obviously instructed the met to round up the EDL for intel gathering, names addresses etc. So now the powers that be can begin covert actions at will. UK Stazi state,and your next!

    1. I agree the police agencies are very ‘Stazi’ like and the uniformed ranks are the UK’s version of the ‘Volkspolizei’, they are getting their orders right from the highest levels in the UK government. Don’t blame the police, they are following the orders of the regime. Their actions mirror the behavior of the Communist East German . Volkspolizei or ‘Peoples Police’, they were very brutal and kept the oppressed citizenry in line.

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