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Well after all the trouble the Norwegian government (and its cultural elite) have gone through to vilify the Jewish state, this is to be expected. The Israelis are not a stupid people, they can spot anti-Semitism when they see it. The Norwegian self anointed ‘elite’ own this result, lock stock and barrel, for they’re the ones carrying out a propaganda war against the Israeli people, and on the backs of the Norwegian taxpayer. KGS

NOTE: If the Norwegian people are disgusted over this poll and the greatly reduced image of their country on the international level, they should seriously challenge their elected officials over their conduct. Norway is now being seen in the role of a disingenuous, clownish buffoon, not a serious minded state.

Norway’s chickens coming home to roost after decades of anti-Israel /anti-Semitic propaganda.

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  1. Is this getting any coverage by the MSM in Norway?

    1. Hopefully so, believe me, the TT’s back channels are all over this.

  2. Israel should see norway as a Nazi loving antisemitic scum they are! No surprises in land of vidkun quislings.

    1. Kim, there are a good number of pro-Israel Norwegian folks there, but they’re hamstrung by the Arab lobbyists who have the full ear of the politicos, so much so that the Norwegian funds highly anti-Israel literature and “youth camps” that demonize the Israelis.

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