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This time around, the Tundra Tabloids’ commenter, Anushirvan, looks into the UK policy on immigration. There are reasons behind policies, but that doesn’t mean they’re backed by strong logical thinking. KGS

The Anushirvan Report:

Alas, the UK applies double standards with regards to immigration issues, which in fact doesn’t surprise me one bit. Illegal immigrants trying to cross the Channel via France (Calais) or Belgium (Oostende) are increasingly having a hard time getting there this way.

This is basically down to the British government and immigration services deciding to tighten border controls, working in tandem with French and Belgian customs services. British immigration officials have been working together with their French and Belgian counterparts on French and Belgian soil, effectively supervising the proceedings of both services, AND providing them with the necessary equipment, such as innovative scan technology to find illegal immigrants with, hiding in lorries.

Up until this point, both the French and the Belgians had quite a hard time containing the problem. The British had decided to step in to make controls in Europe more effective, however, by doing so, they simultaneously shirked all responsibility on tightening immigration control on their own patch, at their own borders ! All asylum seekers and illegal immigrants that have slipped into the UK before these measures were taken, are not likely to be deported any time soon.

And here’s why:

British politicians like to keep up the pretence they are something special when compared with the collective conscious they tend to attribute to people on ‘the continent’ (the rest of Europe). They don’t like to be seen as trampling on the basic human rights of those that (according to them) just MIGHT have a genuine reason to migrate to the UK, regardless of whether they are illegal or not.

In other words, these hypocrites deem themselves more civilized than the rest of Europe, which is why they take a lax attitude to the UK’s border control issue on their own territory (keeping the gates wide open) and at the same time, demonstrate their vehement disdain for the stringent measures other immigration services in Europe had to take, or will be taking in the future. (without mentioning their own involvement in Calais and Oostende, of course)

The fact remains however, that the majority of these illegal immigrants and asylum seekers are still aiming for migrating to the UK in first instance, rather than to any other country in Europe. Opting to stay put in the rest of Europe serves as a last resort to these people, a choice they only reluctantly make after repeatedly failing to get into the UK via France or Belgium . As long as UK politicians try to avoid the issue of border control, asylum seekers and illegal immigrants will try to get into the UK.

This is very much a problem of the ‘moral supremacy’ of the political upper classes in the UK and the PC hypocrisy that goes with it. There is an obvious chasm between British politicians professing to ‘a hardline stance’ on immigration issues when they communicate with the general public on the one hand, and their innate fear of looking uncivilized, racist, harsh,… should they decide to force the issue by making immigration control more stringent on their own patch and consequently deport illegal immigrants from British soil, on the other.

A classic example of how PC MC attitudes can permeat the political elites as a whole, regardless of their particular stance on other, non-PC issues. It is quite clear that the general public increasingly perceives this moral supremacy and politicians’ hollow stance on immigration as non other than disingenuous and a cop-out , this pretence can no longer be kept up in the long run.

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