Paleostinians Palestinian terrorism



Yeah riiiiight, freedom riders ……not.

Arab terrorists/criminals let loose from Israel prisons

What a bunch of turd buckets.

Blacks in the then U.S. segregated south didn’t try to wipe the other side out through suicide bombings and other forms of mass butchery, they stoically held their ground as citizens with equal rights (the same rights) as the majority society. The Arabs want to ensure an apartheid state in any area under their control, while Israel boasts over a million Arab citizens.

The only freedom these these bastards want (and their leftist/anarchist stooges support by default) is the freedom to murder Jews in a much less troublesome way. The Fogel family was brutally slaughtered by Palestinians not too long ago, allowing the Arabs to go anywhere they like, whenever they like, only increases the odds that more Jewish families will feel the blade of these murderers.

This needs to be seen in the exact same light as the Arabs’ -and their leftist/anarchist stooges’- demand for the taking down of the anti-terrorist security barrier Israel was forced to construct after the wave of homicide suicide bombings in the early 90’s. Security measures may suck at times, but they’re a necessity, and all of the Arabs’ making themselves. KGS

NOTE: Remember, these murderers are always on the prowl.

Who Are the Real Victims of ‘Apartheid’ in Judea and Samaria?

PA Arabs will attempt to conduct a “freedom ride” on Israeli buses in Yesha next week, but the true victims of Yesha apartheid are the Jews.

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  1. If these tools really were anarchists they aren’t anymore. The PA has bypassed elections it was supposed to have and is now a dictatorship. Abbas has said No jews will be allowed in the palestinian state AND no palestinian refugees will be allowed to become citizens.

    What kind of a state is that for anarchists to be protesting for? They have no right to call themselves anarchists.

  2. Ditto on the comments above. Blacks rode “freedom rides”, sit-ins at lunch counters, and marched, but Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. purposefully employed the tactics of Ghandi and they were peaceful. That was a man who earned and deserved his Nobel Peace Prize. Say what you want about his failings. He earned his accolades, though he would not have wanted them. I know because I was alive in Birmingham, AL then. The violence was caused by those who did not want the civil rights movement to succeed. Never would anyone in the civil rights movement have done any kind of violence. The life blacks had as second class citizens in the US was truly something that needed to be changed. The violence that muslims are doing to non-muslims while they claim to be aggrieved may work for awhile, but not forever. As they continue, they will be outed(but it may take decades).

    1. Moshe says ”youre and asshole”…….but the educated reader will realize that it’s in fact Moshe who is the asshole, hands down.

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