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No mystery or surprise there.

It would explain a lot, the continual spin by the IAEA during his tenure over the Iranian regime’s real intentions of their nuclear program. The man, Mohamed Elbaradei is the perfect recipient for the Nobel, he joins such luminaries as terrorist Yasser Arafat, affirmative action president Barack Obama, UN bureaucratic hack, Finland’s Martti Ahtisaari and Muslim Brotherhood supremacist winner, Tawakkul Karman. KGS

Imagine, an IAEA Iranian stooge

Israeli officials: ElBaradei an Iranian agent

Senior state officials accuse former IAEA chairman of covering up for Islamic Republic during his term, allowing Iranians to move ahead with nuclear program while playing for time. ‘He is a despicable person,’ one of them says. El Baradei calls accusations ‘false’; Iranian Foreign Ministry says Tehran ready to resume nuke talks ‘with respect for our nation’s rights’

Itamar Eichner
Latest Update: 11.09.11, 19:15 / Israel News

Senior Israeli officials said Tuesday night that the International Atomic Energy Agency report stating that Iran has been working on developing a nuclear weapon design proves that the former UN nuclear watchdog chairman “was an Iranian agent”.

On Wednesday, ElBaradei rejected Israel’s accusations and called them “false.” His response was published on the website of the Egyptian daily al-Youm al-Saba’a.

The former IAEA chairman, Mohamed ElBaradei, is an Egyptian diplomat who even won the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize.

For years he defended the Iranian nuclear program, claiming that it was peaceful, thus allowing the Iranians to continue their activity with the nuclear watchdog’s seal of approval.

According to one of the state officials, the new report published Tuesday proves “just how much he was working for the Iranians.

“He simply rescued Iran and was constantly busy covering up for them, causing serious damage by allowing the Iranians to fool the entire world and play for time. History may judge him as the person who helped Iran obtain a nuclear weapon.

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  1. Ubelievable

    – Not that he is an agent, but that the Nobel Committee are siding with him, crowning it by giving him the Nobel Prize, refusing to see the connection between a nuclear expert Mohamad and a Western enemy with the capacity to building nuclear weapons

    1. They really know how to rally around the wrong stuff now don’t they?

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