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  1. Almost everyone in the British Government should be tried for treason.

  2. Anybody else thinks Tommy is good looking? 😀 Anyway, WEAR YOUR POPPY PEOPLE… WEAR IT PROUD!!!
    From: An Arab immigrant to Canada (who just lost her poppy…again -_-)

  3. Britain’s Sex Gangs


    Add this to the rape epidemics in Scandinavia, and you see the scale of the malignancy that has been imported to the West.

    As it is obvious from the video, the video just about manages to mention Pakistanis, but the real problem – Islam, is taboo.

    This is what the EDL is fighting against, and the liberal establishment so keen to sweep under the carpet.

    1. More than welcome Joy! Its an excellent interview. I met Tommy a couple of months ago, he’s a solid guy.

  4. Within 50 years there will be a “civil” war in Europe between Muslims and everyone else.

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