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Of course the PA is reneging on Oslo, for the entire Oslo process was a total ruse. Lifting Arafat and his fellow terrorists out of obscurity in Tunis, planting them in their own back yard and arming them, was one of the worst things Israel could have ever done to itself.

It was a mugs game from the very beginning, because every single word uttered by these terrorists about their intention to destroy the Jewish state of Israel was purposefully overlooked by the peace camp activists. Sound judgement was thrown out the window, and in place, mere promises and loads of cash, enough cash that is to keep the Arabs paying lip service to the gold brass ring of eventual peace with Israel.

It was all a charade, consisting of blue smoke and mirrors, waiting for a time when the West would be tired enough to vote their way. Oslo was a trojan horse with the promise of peace to keep the West looking at the prize, while the Arabs were busy building a foundation for the eventual steering of international institutions closer to their positions. KGS

NOTE: And it’s paid off in droves.

Netanyahu: ‘PA reneged on central Oslo tenet’

11/08/2011 01:20

Prime minister says Israel paid territorial price within framework of Oslo Accords in exchange for Palestinian commitment to direct negotiations.

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Palestinian pursuit of unilateral statehood goes against the 1993 Oslo Accords with Israel, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Monday during closed-door discussions in his office.“By boycotting negotiations and by going instead to the United Nations, they [the Palestinians] have reneged on a central tenet of Oslo,” Netanyahu said.

He spoke in advance of a report that a UN Security Council sub-committee is expected to deliver Friday regarding a request by the Palestinians to be recognized as a fully fledged UN member.

Although the US is expected to veto the membership request, the Palestinians have continued to pursue membership. In addition, they have submitted similar requests to a number of UN related bodies and international organizations.

Last week, UNESCO recognized Palestine as its 195th member.

The Palestinians have refused, at the same time, to negotiate a final status solution with Israel.

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  1. Meanwhile Sarkofreak calls Bibi a liar. Takes one to know one.

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