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The utter insanity of it all is beyond belief.

Make no mistake, if Obama was president during the time of the Hamas win in 2005, when the de facto terrorist organization was voted into power by the Palestinians, Obama would have been saying the exact same thing, “he’s satisfied”. KGS

US would be ‘satisfied’ with Brotherhood win in Egypt

11/05/2011 04:28

The United States will judge elected parties in the MidEast based “on what they do and not what they’re called,” AFP reports.

The United States would be “satisfied” should free elections in Egyptproduce a victory for the Muslim Brotherhood, AFP reported Friday according to the US’s special coordinator for transitions in the MiddleEast, William Taylor.

Taylor said the US would judge elected parties in the Middle East based “on what they do, and not what they’re called,” AFP quoted him as saying. He added that he did not meet with Brotherhood officials in his latest visit to Cairo, but would have had he been given the chance.

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  1. The MB concept of “moderate Islam” (Islamic ‘principles’ integrated in a modernised Western legal framework) serves as nothing more than a stepping stone in their quest to gradually strip all semblances of modernity from Islam-dominated societies in the long run. Islamism necessarily has to include a strategy that works its way up to this point, simply because it is in keeping with the Quran’s intent of abolishing all immoral (infidel) lawmaking. The MB step-by-step approach is more suited for this purpose than the rather hamfisted Salafi approach, simply because taqiyya is part and parcel of this strategy. The vehement disdain for the broader layers of Muslim society, equally felt by Salafis and the MB alike, will result in the same level of Islamisation. Whereas many Muslims however are quite easily repelled by crude Salafi discourse, the MB can cover up its intent by professing outwardly their respect for general human rights and modernity, which is decidedly a taqiyya take on things and can be sold to the general public in Egypt, Tunisia,…etc. as more attractive proposition than the Salafi view.

    In Europe, we have unwittingly lived with the ruse of “moderate Islam” long enough (from the early to mid nineties on) and PC idiots complacently decided that deep down this could not possibly present any dangers to civilized society. Analogous to the situation in Egypt and the way Western leaders jumped on the bandwagon of ‘Arab Spring Revolutions’, this complacency in Europe can be reinterpreted as “phase 1 of European Islamisation”, the necessary stepping stone to the current “phase 2”, the gradual instatement of purist Islam as both the MB and Salafi movements see fit.

    When Muslim communities become isolated within the West, to the point where these start to demarcate their own boundaries, puritan Islam is already establishing a firm foothold with the intent to destroy modernity and pluralism for just about everyone, Muslims and infidels alike.

    Totalitarianism can never constitute a freedom movement for the masses, although the common people have regularly given their fate into the hands of those that mobilised their frustration with the powers that be, in order to usurp the people’s revolution as their own in the long run. Therefore history will repeat itself in the ME, parallel to the developments in Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, the Stalinist Soviet Union, Maoist China, or mullah Iran. Totalitarianism runs on the discontent of the general public and the reinterpretation and absorption of these concerns into a single-minded, disingeneous ideology with a hidden agenda: instating uniformity !

  2. Will judge parties on what they do and not on what they are called? And I suppose not upon what they have done either.

    What has the muslim brotherhood done?

    1 Assassinated two Egyptian leaders. not one. Two!
    2 spawned multiple terrorist organizations who act independantly, allowing the MB deniability, yet for some reason acting to directly further the MB goals. (see what I am hinting at? The terrorist grousp ain’t really splitting off)
    2.1 Al quida was just one of these groups. A MB leader was Bin Ladens mentor, Bin Ladens no.2 was a member and so was Muhammad Atta, who flew a plane into the world trade center. We aren’t just at war with Al Quida. We are also at war with the Muslim Brotherhood.
    3. Engage in fraudulent criminal money raising for terrorist organizations in the united states.
    4. They have openly declared war agaisnt the united states several times in recent years and recent months.
    5. Hamas and the MB are one and the same. Hamas has been firing rockets into Israel and attempting to take hostages.

    This brings us to an importnt point. Hamas is at war with Israel. Hamas IS the Muslim Brotherhood. If a single member of the Muslim Brotherhood gets elected to office that means Egypt is at war with Israel. Weather people admit it or react to it is another matter.

    1. Everything you’ve said is true. The Muslim Brotherhood is at war with Israel and the west.

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