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  1. Why call them fascists? All they want is to protect the native Russian population.. 20% of the population is Muslim already.. Shouldn’t they be supported? There has been unrelenting attacks against the natives for many years… I believe they should be allowed to figure out their own destiny. They see what’s happening throughout rest of Europe and are not as politically correct.

  2. Because they are? They are using the Hitler salute. Some have tattoos of Adolf on their bodies. Is this cure better than the disease? Obviously Islam must be purged from any nation wishing to sustain a modern cooperative civilization. There is no argument that Islam is systematized barbarism and nothing more. I have been working against it for years now to exhaustion every single day. But one should be careful about the methods used. The cure can be worse than the disease. Ask any thalidomide baby.

  3. I’m polish, so if anyone has to be worried, it should be me. But I’m not. Let them decide their future. To be honest, I’m sure they would support nationalist movements in poland and not try to send my forefathers to the gas chambers.

  4. 2 John: the only problem in your argument is that 20% of Muslim population are Russian citizens too. Those Russian nazis who organized the march want Russia to become a nation state of Russians. Fine. Let it be so, but within the borders of Great Moscovia of the 16th century and without Caucasus, Tatarstan, Bashkiria, Siberia and Far East.

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