Herman Cain


Go get em brother, take the fight to the Democrats and their Lib media hacks. KGS

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  1. Yesterday I sent this comment to American Spectator:

    ‘I’m reading all this stuff about Herman Cain, anonymous accusations of sexual harrassment, and a media frenzy of speculation based on nothing but hearsay.

    What’s with you Americans? Is this an issue that is going to impact on who is the next President of your great country? Because it surely won’t be the empty suit posing as your present leader.

    So if this nonsense actually impacts on Herman Cain’s pathway to the White House, America is really in a bad way.

    Were I an American, I would probably vote for Herman; I really like the guy. ‘

    1. Hi Raymond, its a real witch hunt on this guy, and I believe that its going to in the end bite then all in the rear, as the average american identifies with conservatism and loathe the MSM. It’s quite the opposite here in Sunny tropical Finland.

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