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Yes folks you read that right. The Tundra Tabloid’s choice of headline is factual, in spite of the police refraining from the accurate depiction of the movement. If the Fascists are going to be referred to as “right-wing” they should be firmly placed on the Left-side of the ideological aisle nonetheless, for that’s where they belong, on the side of losers and morons.

Just remember that they’re called the Finnish National Socialist Labour Party, that’s the key element worth jotting down. Real socialist entitlement statists that would love nothing better than to be driving big government policies, only with a racist supremcacist twist, and that’s something that only the Left can provide them.

Remember, racial rhetoric is woven through and through Leftism, with today’s “progressives” (that’s what they call themselves now) using race based politics extensively, as they pit one side against the other through group based politics called multiculturalism. KGS

NOTE: If you really are serious about being against Nazis and Fascists, start by rejecting statism and Leftism in general, for they are just two branches from the same tyrannical Leftist impulse.

SUPO reports resurgence of far right

Neo-Nazi groups not seen to pose serious threat for nowAfter a gap of several years, there appears to be a resurgence of far right-wing activities and skinhead groups promoting xenophobia and open racism.

The Security Intelligence Service (SUPO) does not see the groups are an actual threat yet, but it nevertheless takes them seriously. The current situation is somewhat different from the skinhead culture that emerged in Joensuu in the early 1990s.

“It has clearly emerged in Turku and Vaasa in recent years. In Turku there have been small groups on the move a few months ago”, says Kari Harju, chief of SUPO’s security and regional unit.

“There was talk about beating up immigrants. There were a few assault cases, but local police were able to intervene, and the further deterioration of the situation was avoided.”

In Helsinki, meanwhile, the Finnish Resistance Movement, which is about two years old and fights against multiculturalism, gave a show of strength with a small demonstration and a closed seminar which was attended by a couple of dozen people.

The group made headlines earlier this year when its members were involved in a scuffle at an election campaign tent of the National Coalition Party in Oulu before the Parliamentary elections. Also, at least one of the perpetrators of a gas attack against the pro-gay rights Helsinki Pride parade in 2010 had at least applied for membership in the organisation.

A group calling itself the Finnish National Socialist Labour Party has been set up in the Satakunta region in the southwest of Finland. Its few dozen supporters also oppose immigration.

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