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It’s a question of morality

This is an interesting interview of Finns party chairman and presidential hopeful, Timo Soini. The “freedom to fail” portion of his description for his remedy for troubled Europe is spot on. Government shouldn’t be in the business of determining the winners and the losers in the economy any more than it should be propping up banks with failed loans knowing that they’re bad to begin with. It’s a question of morality. This is an excellent interview and the Fox News interviewer says he’s a big fan of Soini’s. Excellent!

Making a Case Against the Euro Bailouts

Nov 3, 2011- 5:27 –
Timo Soini, chairman of The Finns Party, on his criticism of the ongoing bailout for much of Europe, and the idealology behind the Finns Party


NOTE: Special thanks to Vasarahammer for the heads up on the story.

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  1. FWIW, that is Charles Payne conducting the interview – a genuinely good fellow swimming against the tide of Fox’s increasing insanity.

  2. Im from Finland (Little America) too and i have to admit that Timo Soini is very intelligent guy who says what he thinks and dont bow down EU´s or Finnish elite, he really want Finland to seperate from EU before the s***t goes down hard. The IMF simply has not the money to carry on if Italy & Spain economy collapses after Greece, Ireland and Portugal. But my main think to write was that Timo Soini should go English lesson because hes English is Finglish not English and hes knowledge dont come up because of that and that way i dont have to feel ashame about him.

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