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The lynching of Herman Cain is truly a spectacle to behold. The hypocritical lib media is in its feeding frenzy mode, the same media who couldn’t be bothered with Oabam’s “under lock and key background” nor of Democrat presidential hopeful John Edward’s love child.

Nope, rather than focusing on Obama’s systematic destruction of the US economy, they’ve turned to spreading rumor and innuendo on a situation that Herman Cain cannot even comment on, in part that he’s not legally allowed to do so, as well as not having been privy to all of the facts due to the fact that he was totally recused from the situation.

Adding to that, the Old Guard Republicans, referred to as the Beltway/Establishment Republicans, who want to narrow the nominee playing field in favor of “their guy”, Mitt Romney. Yes the Rick Perry campaign has been named as the possible culprits but I believe that its the RNC via the Romney camp, solely from the fact that Bush Republicans have been out in full force driving the whole feeding frenzy on the news channels, even Fox News.

Something stinks here, and I suspect that it was the Republican establishment betting on the Lib media to launch a full witch hunt against the solid conservative candidate. The Republican “old guard” are most certainly fanning the flames on this, which should actually be a low level, if not altogether a non-issue.

Karl Rove and all the rest of the Republican statist clones are truly enjoying this, but it isn’t over yet, they may find out just how much of a fighter Herman Cain is and they might live to regret it. KGS


November 2, 2011

By spending the last three decades leveling accusations of “racism” every 10 seconds, liberals have made it virtually impossible for Americans to recognize real racism — for example, the racism constantly spewed at black conservatives.

In the last year alone, a short list of the things liberals have labeled “racist” include:

— Being a Republican;

— Joining the tea party;

— The word “the” (Donald Trump’s statement that he has a “great relationship with the blacks”);

— References to Barack Obama’s playing basketball (Trump again);

— Using Obama’s middle name;

— Scott Brown’s pickup truck;

— Opposing Obamacare;

— Opposing Obama’s stimulus bill;

— Opposing Obama’s jobs bill.

The surge in conservative support for Herman Cain confuses the Democrats’ story line, which is that Republicans hate Obama because he’s black.

Cain is twice as black as Obama. (Possible Obama campaign slogan: “Too Black!”)

This is why the liberal website Politico ran with a story on Cain that had everything — a powerful black man, a Republican presidential candidate, the hint of sexuality — except facts.

All we learned was: About a decade ago, as many as two anonymous women accused Cain of making unspecified “inappropriate” remarks and one “inappropriate” gesture in the workplace. (We had more than that on John Edwards’ mistress a year into the media’s refusal to report that story.)

If the details helped liberals, we’d have the details.

More here.

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