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The Left is behaving vis-a-vis the Islamic fundamentalists in the exact same way it did during the Cold War, when they backed Marxist rabble rousers passing themselves of as “supporters of democracy”, only to find out later on that they were indeed the complete opposite. KGS

The Muslim Brotherhood are moderates this we know, for the Ikwhan themselves have told us so!

Muslim Brotherhood Makes Fools of Naive West; Two Smart Egyptians Fear Future

By Barry Rubin

Can you imagine this? The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood lied! And can you imagine this: the two civilians who are Egypt’s greatest hope for avoiding an Islamist dictatorship are very worried.

Let’s start with the Brotherhood. First, it promised to run candidates for only one-third of the parliamentary seats, saying this would proof of its moderation and willingness to share power.

But a little later, it raised that number to 50 percent but said that’s all and they wouldn’t run a candidate for president. Again, we were told: they’re moderate!

Next, it created a front party to run a candidate for president. For months the Western media generally told us that this party was independent of the Brotherhood, had split off from the Brotherhood to run a candidate for president. That made this party even more moderate than the moderate Brotherhood.

Finally, now that the media admits this is a Brotherhood-controlled party, it announces, too, that it will run candidates for all the parliamentary seats.

How do we know they are moderate? Well, because they say so. For example, the Brotherhood has announced that it will not run on the slogan, “Islam is the solution!” Their new official slogan is:

“We bring good [things] for Egypt.”

How moderate can you get?

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